Tet in Cambodia

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It’s nearly April’s weather update

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I wrote a weather update – it feels like only a few months ago.  I was just reading my update from last April and got scared that the same pattern was repeating itself. The weather’s been really good since just before Christmas: with the exception of a few chilly weeks it’s been very mild, warm even (late 20s at times) and we’ve had a fair share of blue skies. It’s definitely seemed warmer than last year anyway – Paul sat outside for Christmas lunch which we wouldn’t have been able to do last year. But I fear that we will once again be calling this month “Mouldy March” as, since Sunday, it’s been cooler and windy, with some rain. Not quite as bad as last year so far but not a good start to the month. It’s still just about warm enough to go without a jacket, but definitely not sundress weather. I really should write these updates more often as I really can’t remember much about what last summer / autumn was like.  It definitely wasn’t the hottest we’ve had – temperatures remained in the 30s – and I don’t think it rained as much, although there were a few stonking storms, including one which hit when I was at a ladies get together at an open air beer garden. Of all the places to be! That took trees down, squashed cars and killed a few unfortunates. I hid with...