The 80s came to Hanoi

By on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 in Hanoi | 0 comments

I have to mention the 80s night I went to on Saturday because it’s not often you get to dance away to 80s music in Hanoi, and this was a whole night of it. I was in my element, Paul not so much, although he was certainly into the mood by the end of the night and apparently, after I left, got up on stage with a friend and started singing. That hasn’t been verified by a 3rd party but knowing Paul it doesn’t surprise me: give a man a mike…

Again, photos are in short supply — and I admit, I didn’t dress up — although I did manage to capture one of Ursh wearing a Top Gun helmet and glasses which she neatly paired with a pretty top and glass of wine. Sorry Ursh!