Staff and green walls

By on Sunday, April 13, 2014 in Crunchy Frog stuff | 0 comments

A month ago Huong, who’d been working for us for two years, handed in her resignation. It was not unexpected and, although we were sad to see her go, it pushed us into making a decision on staffing. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with office admin and day to day account management, and it’s been getting in the way of me pursuing the sort of work I want to be doing, so we agreed to take on a full time Exec Assistant / Account Manager, and Hang joined us a couple of weeks ago. Fingers crossed that over time she’ll be able to take on more of the work I’ve been doing.

On the design side of things, having been burnt by our first experience of taking on a designer, we’d been putting off trying again, but in January we realised we could wait no longer and started the recruitment process. We found a couple of suitable candidates and made an offer which was accepted. Unfortunately, the candidate decided not to show up last Monday and also decided not to bother to let us know he’d changed his mind. I was so angry and completely at a loss to understand how someone could be so lacking in consideration for others. I am still constantly amazed by the cultural differences we encounter here and quite demoralised about having to start recruiting again, but if we are to grow we need more staff, so…back to the drawing board!

On a more positive note, with the change of staff came a change in office layout and decor. We re-organised the layout and had one wall painted Crunchy Frog green. It’s amazing how much difference the changes have made – it’s given the place a new lease of life and feels much more spacious.IMAG0899 IMAG0900