A general ramble Part II

By on Thursday, October 9, 2014 in Hanoi | 0 comments

Firstly, Rocky Horror was…well, a very enjoyable way to spend an evening. Such a fun film it’d be hard not to enjoy watching it, and being surrounded by people dressed up and singing along added an extra dimension. Kat and I didn’t dress up but really wished we had made more of an effort as we didn’t realise until watching it how easy it would have been to have done something simple. A lab coat maybe. Anyway, next sing-along we will try harder!

Between Hong Kong, where I left off with ramble part I, and now we’ve had a few highlights. Firstly our engagement party, which Laura very kindly organised for us at new restaurant Cousins. It was in the courtyard and she’d decorated it with merchandise bought all the way from the US and organised canap√©s and drinks and some live music. We didn’t invite a big crowd, as we’re saving that for Paul’s 40th, but had a few good friends along and a really enjoyable — if not wild! — evening. Unfortunately we didn’t take a camera so I do need to hunt down some photos from those who did. I’ll post when I get some.

The weekend after that our friend Bryony arrived to stay for a week. Bryony lived in Hanoi back in 2010 and we spent a lot of time with her. It was great to have her over but a very gluttonous! We were out all but one night checking out various local establishments. We even made it back to Ete — an old haunt — and Old Quarter. Although I skipped on Hanoi Backpackers.

On the less fun side of things, we left VietFighter and have joined Elite — a fancy pants gym really near to our house. When we left the UK we swore we wouldn’t join a gym again, but needs must and the schedule and style of training at VF had just stopped working for us: too many joint injuries were occurring. We’re trying to get there most mornings, although in reality miss one or two a week, and then go at the weekend as well. Although I say less fun, we’re actually quite enjoying it.

Definitely less fun is the construction work that has started on the patch of what was waste-land outside our house. And for those of you who have visited, I mean on the patch of land literally 4 feet from our wall. ¬†Fortunately they didn’t have to knock somewhere down — that is probably the noisiest and messiest part of construction here — and they are building quickly, but I know we have the tile cutting to come… We are lucky that our landlord is so good and has ensured they only work between 7am and 5pm, although that time seems to be creeping a bit. Still, at least they aren’t working all night. And we got a discount on our rent.