About Sarah

I’m Sarah and I’m a Brit living in Hanoi. I moved here in 2010 after travelling around South East Asia for seven months and now run a branding and design agency called Crunchy Frog with my partner as well as writing for Travelfish.org and doing any other odds and sods that come my way.

Why Hanoi? Simply because we liked it and it fascinated us. When moving overseas, some people seek comfort in the familiar, but we didn’t want that; we wanted to live in a place where nothing was familiar and each day provided new¬† surprises, where we could truly experience what it was to live abroad, surrounded by a different culture.

Of course, I’m under no illusion that our life here is very different to the majority of the population’s, but that doesn’t make the experience any less valid and after three and a half years my love affair with Hanoi continues.

I’m writing this blog as a record of my time here and maybe some friends and family will enjoy a read now again. Who knows if I’ll keep it up or even bear to read it back one day, but after being here so long I thought it was about time I started capturing experiences and fleeting thoughts.

Ho Tay Ho is the Vietnamese for West Lake — the lake near which I live and work and one of my favourite things about Hanoi. It’s approximately 17km in circumference, lined with cafes, restaurants, bars and homes, and a great walking or cycling circuit.